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The American Steampunk Lamp Company

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The American Steampunk Lamp Company

Choose your favorite Steampunk Lamp, Steampunk Wall Sconces, and other Steampunk themed decor items including coat racks and antique light bulbs from our unique collection. Capture the imagination of a world created in an antique industrial age powered by steam! Our Steampunk Lamp and Steampunk Wall Sconce collections are manufactured in the U.S.A. by hand with all UL approved parts under the supervision of a New Jersey licensed electrician. Each Steampunk Lamp is individually inspected and packed securely so it arrives ready to use. Every Steampunk Lamp purchase also includes a free antique light bulb in your choice of either Clear, Speckled or Smoke. Additional antique light bulbs can also be purchased in affordable 3-packs.

Where did Steampunk Lamps come from?

Before the invention of the electric light bulb, steam and natural gas were king! Steam was the primary source of power that ran the machinery of the Industrial Age and natural gas lit the homes and businesses. Once the electric light bulb came to be and the generation of electricity became commonplace, the need for lighting devices of all types became apparent, however the lack of pre-made lamp parts became a major issue because there were no formal lamp parts manufacturing companies at the time.

What they were able to do was to take already existing steam and gas pipes and convert them to accommodate electricity. In went light bulbs, gas pipes, steam pipes, wire, switches, and some creative thinking and out came the Steampunk Lamp.

In addition to selling Antique Style Light bulbs, we also sell a complete line of LED light bulbs rated at 15,000+ hours at

What is Steampunk?

STEAMPUNK an artistic movement, a sub-genre of literary science fiction which originated during the 1880’s that incorporates Victorian or scientific devices in wild, fanciful, industrial designs. Steampunk includes machines, clothing and even some social aspects of the time period. The term “Steam Punk” is derived from the adventurous technological aspects of the 19th century (the age of “steam”) and the rebellious aspect of the lone designer or mad scientist referred to as “Punk”. Electrical innovation is another key aspect to Steam Punk devices. Men like Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison, founders of American electricity, their work is inspirational for many of the Steam Punker’s machines. The genre may also include the creativity of men in a post apocalyptic vision of society without modern technology.

Some memorable movies that have included Steam Punk styled machines are the Wild Wild West, Sherlock Holmes, Harry Potter, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Master of the World, Batman, Frankenstein, Mad Max, Chittty Chitty Bang Bang, 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea, Ven Helsing, Hellboy, Steam Boy, The Time Machine, The Prestige, Metropolis and many others.

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American Steampunk Lamp Company

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Our Steampunk Lamps are available now for resale and can be purchased in quantity at our special wholesale price. All wholesale orders also include a $2000 freight allowance.

If you are a retailer interested in selling our new line of Steampunk Lamps and Steampunk decor items, please call us directly to set up your wholesale account and receive your password to our wholesale pricing section: 1-800-282-3742.

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